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JX1800 6-Axis Large Load Fire-Fighting UAV


fire drone JX1800 PRO 


JX-1800 six-axis fire fighting UAV, large load, strong wind resistance, higher throwing accuracy; Designed for dry powder spraying, hose, tethering and vertical throwing of dry powder. Portable folding body design, start-up time is short, can quickly reach the high-rise fire site. Support for mounting a variety of installations, including 30x zoom camera, dry powder fire tank, drop fire bomb, sprinkler, searchlight, loudspeaker, etc.

Product describe



 6-Axis large load

6-Axis motors enhance ight power, equipped with re extinguishing bombs and other rescue equipment,Maximum take oweight :65.6kg and the maximum load weight is 30.38kg.


Innovative barrel folding design 

The arm adopts a six-axis vertical structure design , which is compact and rm . After folding , the whole machine has abarrel shape. 


Intelligent battery, long-endurance

Built-in intelligent power management system, standard battery with a single battery life of 57minutes, APP built-in low voltage alarm and power management to ensure stable drone ight.

With night vision targeting system

JX-1800 is equipped with a high-power load and anti-tremor design, a high-power aiming mirror and a high-frame camera with night vision function. With high transmission accuracy.



Intelligent obstacle avoidance system made by high-precision sensors , the laser ranging can reac h up to 180 meters , the obstacle can be identied from 2 to 20 meters (adjustable) in the front di rection and the brake is decelerated to preven trisks caused by wrong operation and guarantee your ight safety .


Withstand harsh environments

The fuselage of JX-1800 re-ghting UAV adopts a closed modular design and IP43 three-proof capability.The soil can work stably in high temperature and severe cold. It has industrial-grade waterproof, dustproof and anti-corrosion capabilities.


Optional camera loads

4K 30X Optical Zoom CameraJX-TLN 30 Laser ll cameraJX- TIR 30 Dual lens thermal camera...


Optional re extinguishing mount

Fire Suppression TankHose ModuleAerial laser forest re extinguisherHigh Altitude Launcher Fire ExtinguishingAir CallerLifebuoy Throwing...


Customizable APP


Application scenarios

Fire Extinguishing Tank ModuieVertical Dropping Fire Extinguishing BombFire Hose DrivingMarshalling






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Address:201,326-328, Ping Kang Rd, Sha Xu I, ShiQiao St, PanYu Dist, Guangzhou CHINA

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